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do i have to say the words ark sz
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do i have to say the words ark sz

rescue me from the mire
whisper words of desire
rescue me darling rescue me
with your arms open wide
want you here by my side
come to me darling rescue me
when this worlds closing in
theres no need to pretend
set me free darling rescue me

i dont wanna let you go
so im standing in your way
i never needed anyone like im needin you today

do i have to say the words?
do i have to tell the truth?
do i have to shout it out?
do i have to say a prayer?
must i prove to you how good we are together?
do i have to say the words

rescue me from despair
tell me you will be there
rescue me - darlin rescue me

every dream that we share
every cross that we bear
come to me - darlin rescue me


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