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juliana theory, juliana theory arklar, juliana theory ark szleri
1., questions407
2.as it stands392
3.august in bethany375
4.bring it low363
7.do you believe me467
8.dont push love away552
10.duane joseph390
12.for evangeline483
13.french kiss off409
14.i love you to death drive safe480
15.if i told you this was killing me, would you stop320
16.in conversation369
17.into the dark378
18.is patience still waiting346
19.jewel to sparkle352
20.leave like a ghost drive away359
21.music box superhero348
22.my heart is a soldier406
23.ps well call you when we get there539
24.repeating, repeating358
25.seven forty seven362
26.shell of a man363
27.shotgun serenade375
28.show me the money566
29.something isnt right here521
30.the closest thing300
31.the final song404
32.the hardest things353
33.this is a lovesong for the loveless362
34.this is not a love song369
35.this is your life371
36.this valentine aint no saint425
37.to the tune of , screaming children297
39.understand the dream is over344
40.we make the road by walking345
41.were at the top of the world to the simple, two460
42.were nothing without you489
43.white days383
44.you always say goodnight, goodnight351
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