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april wine, april wine arklar, april wine ark szleri
1.aint got your love446
2.all it will ever be403
3.all over town358
5.anything you want, you got it419
6.babes in arms427
7.baby done got some soul490
8.bad boys507
9.bad side of the moon407
10.before the dawn400
11.beg for your love361
12.believe in me335
13.better do it well426
14.better slow down347
15.big city girls378
16.blood money416
17.cant find the town639
18.cant take another nite649
19.carry on384
20.cats claw538
21.caught in the crossfire420
22.childs garden462
23.come away373
24.come on along407
25.comin right down on top of me454
26.crash and burn377
27.cum hear the band384
28.didnt you640
29.doin it right634
30.dont push me around527
31.drivin with my eyes closed497
32.drop your guns385
34.electric jewels366
35.emotional dreams374
36.enough is enough416
38.flow river flow479
39.forever for now403
40.future tense785
41.get ready for love426
42.gimme love350
43.gimme that thing called love370
44.girl in my dreams381
45.givin it, takin it460
46.good fibes drum solo519
47.good from far, far from good450
48.hard rock kid377
49.hard times366
50.hard to believe414
51.heres lookin at you kid505
52.highway hard run354
53.hold on431
54.holly would442
55.hot on the wheels of love432
56.hour of need390
57.i can hear you callin468
58.i just wanna make love to you418
59.i like to rock382
60.i wouldnt want to lose your love575
61.if i was a stranger398
62.if you believe in me452
63.if you see kay388
64.it hurts395
65.id rather be strong565
66.im a man642
67.im alive622
68.im on fire for you baby520
69.just between you and me413
70.just like that356
71.juvenile delinquent362
72.keep on rockin699
73.kick willy rd368
74.ladies man382
75.lady run, lady hide355
76.last time ill ever sing the blues460
77.let yourself go396
78.like a lover, like a song330
79.listen mister443
80.look into the sun379
81.love has remembered me404
82.lovin you687
83.luv your stuff357
84.mama laye418
85.mama, its true496
87.mind over matter378
88.money talks411
89.not for you, not for rock n roll468
90.nothin but a kiss424
92.one more time353
94.open soul surgery360
96.right down to it344
97.rock myself to sleep394
98.rock n roll is a vicious game474
99.rock n roll woman462
100.rock tonite332
102.runners in the night387
103.say hello452
105.sign of the gypsy queen394
106.silver dollar393
107.slow poke467
108.so bad419
109.song for mary406
110.sons of the pioneers402
111.st century schizoid man558
112.strange kind of love321
113.teenage love377
114.tell me why321
115.tellin me lies477
116.thats love509
117.the band has just begun418
118.the whole worlds goin crazy546
119.this could be the right one332
121.tonight is a wonderful time to fall in love350
123.tonite is a wonderful time to fall in love409
124.too hot to handle336
125.victim for your love357
126.voice in my heart451
127.wait any more356
128.waiting on a miracle381
129.wanna rock395
130.wanted dead or alive384
131.we can be more than we are575
132.weeping widow378
134.what if we fall in love415
135.whatever it takes348
136.wings of love380
137.without your love411
138.work all day366
139.wouldnt want your love any other way469
140.you could have been a lady412
141.you dont have to act tha486
142.you opened up my eyes395
143.you wont dance with me443
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