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shrine of the master ark sz

merciless to the siege - agents massacred
protected fortress - underground militia
religious sect - proclaimed messiah
david koresh

devoted followers - one mans domain
fortified compound - stockpile of weapons
forced reproduction - tunnels underneath
protecting children - from the enemy

battalion of tanks - failed negotiations
stronghold secured

rounds of ammunition fired
canisters of c-s gas - dispersed inhumanely
interpretations of the seven seas
book of revelations

reconstructed skull - bullet wounds found
in craniums of slain disciples

masks of bureaucracy - identities released
survivors interrogated - reaccounting the horror
useless ordeal - ends in death
merchants of greed - fire consumes

cloaked in sympathetic dismay
beyond the grasp of the mind
in death the answer lies

divine inspiration
ascension towards supremacy
dreadful endowment

scriptures recited
vengeance from martyred souls
hero of the tribulation

prepared to sacrifice
allured by the disguise
isolated from the world

bodies lay scattered - apocalyptic hell
terrifying scene - chilling act of suicide
devoured by raging flames
leaving a horrified world


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