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exposed to the elements ark sz

contamination fills the earth
seas are polluted with hazardous waste
humanity that once existed
punished for sins of mankind
disturbing elements that natured
choking on mans corruption
deliver us from our oppressor
embraced are thoughts of sanctuary
build destroy disease infection
diminishing ozone layer, ultravioletrays
soil erosion fluctuation of the tides
dying species rapidly becoming extinct
eradicating forests
our serenity has been invaded
we take from ourselves and give back
another cure another disease
another war in which many will die
impossible to comprehend
the horror lurks upon our walking life
it returns to haunt us in our dreams
like embedded fossils inland in stone
envolving from our primitive form
we must deffat this cruelty
one must view death to understand reality
living within an age of intelligence
nourish the earth and we shall receive
future generations will be lost
technology restrained
in the end when all is gone
what have we gained
will we survive


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