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crushed ark sz

devoured by darkness
rampageous violence
futile resistance
earth shall crumble
ungodly terror
immense destruction
the pain and the torment
crushing the weak
chaos rampant
panic invades minds
frozen in a lik of horror
entombed within darrened chambers
cracks appear in skulls
structures levelled
path of terror
summoning nightmares
seeing yourself
frozen eyes... frozen
by the light
tortured, dismembered
walls closing in
thoughts about your life
scences of horror
twisting minds
dark dreams
beseiged, shredded
poised to strike
closing in i gain in strength
bones are crushed
eyes gouging out of head
mangled intestines
fractured limbs piercing
through the flesh
bleeding profuself
feel my wrath
i crush your soul
screaming for air
clutching your throat
begging for mercy
you meet with doom
muscles deformed
life i hate
screams of anguish
slamming bodies to the ground
crushing force
ripped apart
display of power
feel the hands of time
wretched life
strangled population
contorted faces
glisten sympathy
judgement for humanity


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