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artistic butchery ark sz

carving into the body - bound in shackles
blood and guts are spilt - face is mutilated
organs consumed - total overthrow
control in my grasp - deranged mentality
ruler of sin - i leave no trace
lanced corpse lies silent - dried up and withered

stench lingers throughout infinity
as victims lie pierced on ceremonial slab

diseases spread unto the earth
decaying holes releasing malodorous rancidity

bones become visible as the body rots
thoughts hang lifeless

piercing knife - rips through flesh
screaming howls - fastened chains
harnessed subjects - sickened mind
reveller of decay

inflicting pain
life is taken
severely beaten
humility reigns
resist in apathy

feasting on the raw, bloody bones
innocent victims slaughtered

as i carve inscription of doom
remains unearthed in grim discovery

demolished head - cause of death
bones lie twisted - decomposition
willing confessor - mentally disturbed
in shallow pit - the dead are buried
mourners weep - not understanding
reality executioner

rising of the head - half drenched in blood
archaic sorcery - resurrected

transitions occur
despite the will
distorted memories
stored in disk
bluish-green decay
oozes from the veins
exposed internal organs

talons clawing
rancid life exists
realm of darkness
tortured souls prevail


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