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johnny logan, johnny logan arklar, johnny logan ark szleri
1.all i ever wanted468
4.angels dont hide493
5.change of heart416
6.close to the edge398
7.crying in the rain380
8.danny boy444
9.do they know its christmas539
10.driving home for christmas505
11.endless emotion412
12.from time to time467
13.ginny come lately438
14.going back398
15.happy x-mas469
17.helpless heart404
19.hold me now919
20.hold on498
21.how about us385
22.how can it be love466
23.how do i live402
24.how do you say goodbye445
25.i wish it would rain439
26.in london675
27.its only tears595
28.im not in love481
29.just to be with you377
30.lay down your heart420
31.let love be love395
32.lets make love598
33.living a lie395
34.lonely lovers401
35.long lie the rivers441
36.love hurts434
37.love letters648
38.loving you392
39.never believe its over587
40.now that its not over608
42.one by one389
43.one night stand378
44.only a matter of time423
45.reach for me433
46.red lips696
47.sarahs at the window620
48.save me543
49.save this christmas for me379
50.she moved through the fair378
51.shot down385
52.silly love songs409
54.taking all the blame386
55.the lucky one423
56.the next time438
57.the town i loved so well436
58.till you happened to me404
59.to love you more421
60.unchain my heart458
61.union of the heart395
62.whats another year1237
63.when you walk in the room384
64.why me402
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