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john wesley harding, john wesley harding arklar, john wesley harding ark szleri
2./ split443
3.a fan speaks360
4.a singers request595
5.affairs of the heart370
6.after the fact381
7.an audience with you349
8.annachie gordon379
9.annan water386
11.ask why412
12.backing out358
13.bad dream baby371
14.bastard son341
15.bridegroom blues294
16.build me a coffin353
18.careers service391
19.cathys new clown432
20.come gather round376
21.cupid and psycho346
22.dark dark heart367
23.dead centre of town342
24.dead on arrival371
25.driving in the rain342
26.eating each others babies441
27.election night376
28.election night another version358
29.elvis has just left the building379
30.famous man337
31.gentlemans dream450
32.get back down381
33.god lives upstairs390
34.handful of sand323
35.headful of something449
36.heart without a home376
37.here comes the groom368
38.hitlers tears683
39.hostile two party system353
41.humble bee321
42.i can tell when youre telling lies578
43.i just wanna talk456
44.i just woke up481
45.idiots delight513
46.infinite combinations382
47.into the wind355
48.its all my fault428
49.id be sleeping if my baby were here443
50.im staying here and im not buying a gun566
51.im wrong about everything409
52.july th the live aid song297
53.kill the messenger358
54.kiss me, miss liberty435
55.kiss/lovers society577
56.long dead gone353
57.man with two surnames312
58.master kilby469
59.me against me346
60.millionaires dream391
61.miss fortune372
62.no more395
63.nothing id rather do397
64.old girlfriends368
65.one night only347
66.ordinary weekend323
67.other peoples failure467
68.our lady of the highways360
70.peeling bark332
71.people love to watch you die443
72.phil ochs, bob dylan, steve goodman, david blue and me350
73.poor heart485
74.pound pound pound344
76.roy orbison knows the best mans song400
77.same piece of air342
78.same thing twice349
79.save a little room for me337
80.scared of guns344
81.shes a piece of work706
82.skyscrapers in memphis336
83.something to write home about351
84.song i wrote myself in the future368
85.spaced cowgirl326
86.still photo382
87.sweat tears blood and come379
88.talkin return of the great folk scare blues424
89.the biggest monument350
90.the bonny bunch of roses332
91.the brain of britain396
92.the celestial shuttle349
93.the devil in me393
94.the facts of life343
95.the flandyke shore362
96.the golden glove352
97.the isle of france370
98.the king is dead boring366
99.the little musgrave336
100.the movie of your life335
101.the night he took her to the fairground322
102.the original miss jesus389
103.the patron saint of losers455
104.the peoples drug438
105.the person you are372
106.the red rose and the briar328
107.the robert frost rag421
108.the secret angel351
109.the speed of normal548
110.the star struck banner336
111.the triumph of trash360
112.the truth383
113.the world and all its problems317
114.the wrong goodbye414
115.things snowball310
116.to whom it may concern374
117.too much into nothing312
118.when all the bad things in your life turn to worth it341
119.when dreams come true369
120.when the sun comes out404
121.where the bodies are376
122.who you really are329
123.william and nancys parting653
124.william glenn382
125.window seat370
126.wooden overcoat332
127.you and your career362
128.you in spite of yourself383
129.you so&so362
130.you will be cured390
131.your ghost dont scare me no more495
132.youre looking at me462
133.youre no good494
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