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the only one who ever saw my face, i must erase, had to get filthy dirty
left him in his driveway soaking wet, hope nobody heard me
im out that muthafucka with about 4 pounds of that shamrock
zip lock, body bag, toe tag, wet t-shirt, black mask
in and out fast, murderous, vast vigorous
stroke that nigga like a zig zag rolled cigarette,
and i do it to get my dick wet
brain grain rotten, i was a 12 year old gettin raped by my mommas partner
so ive been in pussy since i could start nuttin
im off that cloraseptic and that robatussin
had a appetite for the wrong nigga, said he was real meat but i knew he wasnt
had me dumpin out the back of cadillacs on walter
got a stinky smell to him, cant even hug my momma
im so sick i cant sleep at night, might swallow my tongue
get all the gas deposits out the closet, let the water run
get the flame thrower, lighter fluid, paper plates, cuz we barbacuin
in a funky situation thats how we do it

situation, baby it seems im in a situation again
i fuckin realize its a situation of sin
sometimes i just wanna stop tryin
why must this shit always involve dying?

runnin shit like sosza, big bank hank
smebbin in a high performance zooped up nova, pushin crank
callin shots on my gossipper, faulty chip
1-800 locker number, on the left side of my hip
neighborhood watch better watch that ass
im a paperboy and i collects that cash
one more muthafuckin complaint and your ass aint gon last
on a block where i clock cash so fast
this is a stick up, nigga, dont even try it
if you go as far as to blink an eye, muthafucka you gon die
pressure i apply, no lie, i got just finished doin 10
for what? for killin my best friend
and ill murder again if im forced, then i must
after the first time the second time was a rush
what about the third time? the third time felt like sex
what kind of guns did you use? choppers, uzis, teks
whatever one works best
ill make a mess upon shooting flesh, bout 15 holes in his chest
vandalism, taggin all muthafuckas names on the wall
scandalism, dyin over all kinds of senseless shit thats small
auto theft, stealin cars for fun
snatchin purses cuz im young and dumb
if you a tourist check yo map, dont make the wrong turn
might end up in the hood where you gon be learnin


(first degree):
rock it, dont stop it, rock it, dont stop
i got this dirty yemp distributin my womp
but if it was up to her, fool wed be fuckin like beavers
but im an over achiever around these heaters
i dont need a bitch, society done fucked up and cheated that bitch
now she lookin for a nigga like me to feed her and shit
dumb bitch better quit, that muthafucka first degree keep a leash on his dick
take notes, sit by the poor folks, i tell you bout my strokes
but i done been gave that up, aint healthy no more
cuz a this yappin and feelin, she strapped with the homies
and her weak mind got all of sacramento in a bind
lizzy ann must die, the situation just aint right
cuz she got to bumpin her gums like her momma, so i called her
i said i got mines, get off your ass and raise your daughter

(twamp dog):
peniles at my door, three in the front, nigga, four through the back
talkin bout takin me down to the sac town county jail,
strapped up cuz i did a jack
armed and dangerous, waited 6 months to come and get me
knowin im into straps, cuz every time i get caught one was sittin with me
2 time before this, now add one more to the program quick
shackled down, now im on a mission to a one man cell with the quickness
think about the work that i did that night and what went wrong,
to get a rider caught
30g bail cost to get me off, fightin on the street, fuckin watched
every 2 weeks another court date, thinkin i can win, thats no lie
kept on goin on for some months, lookin the judge right in the eyes
feelin his anger,
watched fools before me do petty crimes and hes givin em time
bein a bitch about muggin on me, nigga talkin shit to me, heated like
pointing guns at individuals, huh, i despise muthafuckas like you
so it aint no love for me judgin you, watcha gon do?
take it to another court room?
and thats the first step for me, my lawyer knew the d.a.
you know, so he tried to hook a brother up, you see
if i did take a deal, its only one year guaranteed
but im bout to give work for dough in a couple more weeks
tryin to give 10 years, if i go to trial and lose the muthafucka
then i messed around and had to go back to the first judge,
sayin dont work for ya
i wasnt gettin off that easy, my case had a little substance
and the odds are stacked against me, no frontin
choices need to be made on the 7th
a catch 22 in my midst, cuz either way im fucked
go to trial where ill probably lose, or take my ass on the run
or take a deal to a lesser charge, either one im gettin struck
cuz doin time is a mando thang and that got a muthafucka stuck



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