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siccmade ark sz

[grisly voice]
yeah, the baby killas back up in this mothafucka...
straight from tha grave, it gets so deep right under the garden blocc...
oh, me? ya can just call me manson...yeah, we met before...
but ya forget that i aint gonna die so im back up this mothafucka...
so peep the mothafuckin words from the dead man, yeah...

[brotha lynch hung]
and when i pack me a gun and, oh, when i was young
i dreamed of feedin them niggas niggas with a suflet a la gun
mothafuckas get hung, my bullet weights a ton
the garden blocc don, the valley of the slum
tha cannibalistic nigga that got that 9 millimeter gun
that nigga that nigga that got them mothafuckas on the run
they thought that i was done but lynch is not the one
to go out from a gunshot wound, nigga, im not done that soon
bitches, they come but nut just like the rest, caught one in the chest
shoulda wore a vest and, oh, what a bloody mess
puffin off the cess, dealin with the stress, killin off the less...
fortunate but they trip when my nine gets sick
them niggas either die or stay stuck on my dick
cause im that nigga they call lynch, i gotem niggas fiendin for my shit
i empty clips, drinkin, fuckin with tha splift
and its the nigga that kill for reason, its the season of the sicc
thats why i got the urge to shoot that pussy clit
and kill off that infant, so what is my intent?
to show them mothafuckas livin life aint shit
i gets to gettin real sick and eatin bloody clit, the baby killa shit
put em in a grave with an empty 40 ounce bottle and dont leave a drip
cause livin with tha tripple-six
ya learn to fuck devil in his mouth and eat the shit out of his bitch
and i admit: my brain is kinda sick
but now im like j. dahmer, im chewin up all the evidence
i killed to cure my fit, the human meat fix
bitin to the skin rips, that sick nigga, so sick
livin dead ever since...

[grisly voice]
yeah, do ya wanna know what that siccness is?
the siccness is when you hug your mama and ya dick get hard
or you walk in on your babys mama and shes suckin your sons dick
thats the mothafuckin siccness...
so, ya mothafuckas dont ya forget that shit...
and dont forget where the sicc came from...
that nigga lynch...

[brotha lynch hung]
i take my mouth off up that cog and trip
cause eatin dead pussy clit i make ya sick
but its the season so my reason is legit
im havin fits, i dreamed of eatin bloody pussy clits since i was six
i fiend for a dead pussy on dick, i gotta skits
meanin i dont give a shit about ya biyatch
that nigga thats from tha blocc, killin up tha cog, so, nigga, shii-it
baby barbeque ribs and guts and, ah, dont let me get too deep
fryin baby nuts, sluts get ate out alike, dank is what crooked teeth heard
i pull the tampax-string out and straight put in work
it wouldnt work without that sick, so page a nigga quick
so i can serve ya some of this shit and have ya murderin ya biyatch
cause me and triple-six grew up fuckin bitches up the gut
with tha 9-millimeter clip, season of the sicc, picture this:
pussy meat ripped in a pan full of nuts and guts and intestines and shit
i gets ta chewin on tha clit, the sick, they just dont understand it
its so outlandish, chewin nigga nuts to cure my fit
the human meat fix, bitin til the skin rips, that sick nigga, so sick
livin dead ever since...


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