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john waite, john waite arklar, john waite ark szleri
1.a piece of the action419
2.act of love414
3.aint no sunshine671
4.aint that peculiar548
5.all i want for christmas365
7.back on my feet again371
8.be my baby tonight427
9.big time for love361
10.bluebird cafe348
11.broken heart361
13.dark side of the sun379
14.darker side of town385
15.desperate love379
16.dont lose any sleep613
20.every step of the way393
21.for your love344
22.going to the top373
23.gonna be somebody371
24.have you seen her my friend354
25.head above the waves352
26.head first354
27.how did i get by without you380
29.if anybody had a heart392
30.if youve got the time638
31.imaginary girl358
32.in dreams379
33.in gods shadow465
34.isnt it time467
35.im so lonesome i could cry605
36.im still in love504
37.jesus, are you there388
38.just like a woman341
39.just like lovers382
41.lets get out of here640
42.love collision397
43.love dont prove im right556
44.love is a rose to me558
45.lust for life363
46.make it happen393
47.midnight rendezvous405
48.missing you370
50.mr wonderful473
51.no brakes462
52.price of love343
53.price of my tears391
54.restless heart372
55.rockn roll is alive and well547
56.run to mexico371
57.saturday night381
58.shake it up/dreamtime441
59.shes the one473
60.show me how to love you442
61.someone like you388
63.straight to your heart356
64.suicide life357
67.the choice408
68.the glittering prize365
69.these times are hard for lovers342
70.union jack363
72.welcome to paradise384
73.when i see you smile334
74.when you were mine328
75.white heat409
76.white lightening370
77.wild life422
78.wild one392
79.womans touch709
80.world in a bottle392
81.youre the one460
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