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feel my nature rize ark sz

feel my nature rise, blood shot red eyes
waitin in your back seat, catch you by surprise
situations and circumstances make you take them dangerous chances
leave you in your front seat with your neck slit, then im hittin fences
now ima talk about the same dirty situation
shit you hatin, thats why your casket is waitin
shine your ass up like a triple gold dayton
when im in your town you better cut like walter payton
studio man keep tapin, i got that bitch, she peratratin
show your whole family, leave you on your front porch hangin
with a note thats saying: sincerely, swartzaniggaz
put your hands in your pocket, give it up
i demand i need my tweed, potent refer, man
bandstandin with the hand cannon
split my face, muthafucka, gimme your scrill
and that rolex in your hand, understand?
yeah, you gots to feel my nature rise

i can feel my nature rise
starin at the marks that i despise
through evil eyes, high style thoughts turn homicides
you gots to die, for tryna ride and get me
got some off, but none of them hit me
now on a payback tip, with a patched black mask
on the grass with a 50 caliber weapon
hangin up over the door of the chev and causin slaughter
sids malt liquor be that motive when i be loaded off that water
saw the situation heavy rollin
shotgun and a chevy thats stolen
strapped up and ready in case these niggas wanna get deadly
we can go there, i know theres a place for busta niggas like yall
but i heard its pretty deep down so you niggas better watch your fall
too late for that 911 call, this murders already in progress
home invasions like asian got me obsessed like a vietnam vet
as i kick through the front door, blastin
and lynch kicked down the back
operation: peel-a-cap, you fools shoulda already had your gats loaded
cuz it aint no tellin when we comin
back streets, sacs of weed get blazed as we gunnin with the engine still
cuz real killers make them real quick get aways
spray the whole place and skirt
as quick as we can, we does our dirt
whoever gets hurt, thats business
so please dont take this personal
its just that murders in my nature
so four years now, thats what ive been searchin for
cuz doin dirt grows old when its the same old thing
thats why i try to take my murders to the highest extreme
make everybody scream, open up some spleens
still hearin the blood spillin
its just a little dream that i be havin
man, i love killin

(brotha lynch):
i got a hard dick for killin
southside villain
protect your wife and your children
feel my nature rise

not quite knowin about this nigga?
check your metro sections
then cross reference murders by streets and dates
and how many times niggas hoes got raped
mr. no prints, the reason one time runs out of yellow tape
fuckin with a half deck, havin niggas on hush
smokin a bowl that i re-dust
open up your chest when i bust
so suit up, cuz its kill a nigga night
aint no tellin when triple 6 gets to shootin up
movin up your death date, with a tre-8 special
its way too late to wrestle, as i nestle the sword stoppers
split your ass open like pinata
loadin up like a rotweiler
lining up like tyson snortin cocaine powder
pure dank sniffer, some like a lot of fluid, but i beg to differ
one wiff of that shit and im on cloud nine
nigga, dont trip if you aint got no nuts
cuz i brought mine all buffed and shined
untouchable when im fuckin full of that nitrate wine
thats when i bust on nineteen times and up
cuz im nuts, goin out my mind
few, theres no luck, you fucked for life, for sho
get your ass up on the floor
tryin to catch me at that lateral, slippin
by my lonesome, but im on some, so who wants some?
fresh out the gates, aint no room to make mistakes
try to make my tapes, but i feel the hoe hate
tuck my dick inside in the o-8
must of been the way the clip mate with the.45
no body, no case
taste the meat, cant wait to eat
keep the street dirty, keep sturdy in your face

yall niggas dont wanna feel my nature rise
cuz i get dirty, shoot up shit with my clint eastwood
leave your neighborhood lookin like a ghost town, nigga
you standin on dangerous grounds
when we come to sac, better have your automatics on loaded status
cuz me and my niggas be on the savage, leavin no prints
not givin yall niggas a inch, cuz ima lynch you
fry your guts like sizziline
have your homie reminiscing about your gangsta lean
nigga, it aint no fuckin with my clique
you can dial 911, but it aint no rescue
man, i hope the dear lord bless you
next to this nigga, aint no ones nuts bigger
clutch your guts nigga, fuckin with this swartzanigga
cuz i done lost it, taggin niggas like a pit bull with rabies
gone off 40 ounces of o.e.
creepin up on you, like doin my magnum p.i.
lazy eye with lil blacc mile
smokin a hard dick for killin


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