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im in a murderous-mental mind state, monopolizin on em
enterprise with homicide, rock this dope and cut them corners (corners)
worldwide, visualize, two young killas on the rise
aint that a bitch, snoop dogg and brotha lynch

and we remain bombed out (what), no doubt
eat niggas up with sour crout (what up), hollow em out
bout to open my own business, siccmade meats
where you gonna get your product from nigga?
sacramento streets (why), gotta be
cause these niggas be trippin
im dippin in and out the city with the?????? whip (what)
with no pity, dingy, dirty, grimey and gritty, get me

i had a bundle of bitchest before i had a bundle a dollas
a fist full a problems while im poppin my collar (ay, ay, ay)
sockin bustas, frontin hustlers with they work on the streets
>from the streets, to the sweets (to the what), to the slugs, to the east (man)
please believe, let me holler at you nephew
what you do and what i do, ill make you wan act a fool

alright, wait, wait, wait, hold up
avian lies up in the city, smashin with the fifty-slug
no love, leave ya layin down lookin at the stars above (cause what)
cause everything fade to black, like a scene change, aint it strange
illegal procedure through out the game, lets ya nuts hang, hit the rain (rain)
???? like???, laid em up with the hay
they, found the body three months later as i hit him with the potato
ate up his midsection, recollection, murder on my mind (ay what)
got me chin-checkin, and they said (that real?), heard it all the time
thats what these muthafuckas think about me, they aint made it
mad cause niggas be tryna??? some gs,
smoke weed (??? some gs, smoke weed)
everyday, best believe, everyday
ay you, you nigga tryna start??? move out my way
bet you never see me in black clothes, creepin out the back yard
hard-boiled with lead toes

i got so much to do with so little time
my folks smoke dope thatll blow ya mind, hmm
i bust a bitch about a quarter til nine
so by 10:15 i got my dick on her spine
relax, recline, roll somethin nigga
hit this shit, blaze it up, now raise it up
the grip and the bitch, yeah, stays with us
now, a lot a yall niggas be talkin bout yall livin it up, and give it up
but let me take ya back to the essence, and shit
meditate and drop a message and shit
you crumb-snatchin, no rappin peasants
the big dog want it all, i came back to snatch all yall presents
dippin, slippin, slidin away
from the sac-town to the l-b, we do this shit like everyday
do you feel me, im the untouchable
fuckin with the rectable, unquestionable, remarkable,
fabulous and all that shit
you know, im the original, biiitch, the original, biiitch


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