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john prine, john prine arklar, john prine ark szleri
1.a good time343
2.aimless love321
3.aint hurtin nobody411
4.all night blue359
5.all the best380
6.all the way with you379
7.angel from montgomery343
9.aw heck387
10.baby lets play house420
11.baby ruth632
12.back street affair368
13.bad boy2017
14.be my friend tonight357
15.bear creek352
16.beautiful world335
17.big fat love386
18.billy the bum308
19.blue umbrella341
20.bruised orange chain of sorrows334
22.christmas in prison348
23.clocks and spoons377
24.come back to us barbara lewis hare krishna beauregard378
25.common sense350
26.crooked piece of time364
27.daddys little pumpkin657
28.day is done390
29.dear abby398
30.dear john i sent your saddle home359
31.diamonds in the rough361
32.donald and lydia353
33.down by the side of the road376
35.everybody wants to feel like you366
36.everything is cool392
37.far from me383
38.fish and whistle314
39.flashback blues338
40.forbidden jimmy363
41.german afternoons366
42.grandpa was a carpenter326
43.great rain352
44.he forgot that it was sunday372
45.he was in heaven before he died336
46.hello in there327
47.how lucky395
48.how much tequila did i drink last night407
49.humidity built the snowman335
50.i had a dream1400
51.i just wanna dance with you790
52.i know one393
53.i love you so much it hurts614
54.i saw mommy kissing santa claus340
55.i want to be with you always353
56.if i could374
57.if she were you393
58.if you dont want my love727
59.if you were the woman and i was the man350
60.illegal smile367
61.in a town this size339
62.in spite of ourselves405
63.iron ore betty372
64.its a big old goofy world382
65.its a cheating situation420
66.its happening to you492
67.jackie o392
68.jesus the missing years351
69.john prine christmas343
70.just wanna be with you326
71.killing the blues399
73.lake marie397
74.leave the lights on331
75.lets talk dirty in hawaiian371
76.letter to the penthouse forum395
77.lets invite them over477
78.lets talk dirty in hawaiin443
79.linda goes to mars364
80.living in the future391
81.loose talk316
82.love is on a roll447
83.love, love, love346
84.lulu walls350
85.maureen maureen356
86.me, myself, and i331
87.mexican home332
88.middle man375
89.milwaukee here i come340
90.my own best friend345
91.new train383
92.nine pound hammer366
93.no name girl297
94.often is a word i seldom use342
95.one red rose400
96.only love694
98.out of love335
100.people puttin people down429
101.picture show341
102.please dont bury me402
103.pretty good347
104.quiet man343
105.quit hollerin at me454
106.rocky mountain time329
107.sabu visits the twin cities alone394
108.saddle in the rain346
110.sam stone356
111.same thing happened to me367
112.shop talk404
113.silent night, all day long352
114.silver bells361
115.six oclock news437
116.sleepy eyed boy361
117.slow boat to china332
118.so sad to watch good love go bad366
119.somewhere someones falling in love441
120.sour grapes539
122.space monkey363
123.spanish pipedream aka blow up your tv355
124.speed of the sound of loneliness356
125.stick a needle in my eye403
126.storm windows342
127.sweet revenge342
128.sweet suzanne359
129.take a look at my heart319
130.take the star out of the window333
131.that close to you391
132.thats the way that the world goes round429
133.the accident things could be worse321
134.the bottomless lake364
135.the frying pan349
136.the great compromise354
137.the hobo song332
138.the late john garfield blues339
139.the oldest baby in the world383
140.the sins of memphisto343
141.the torch singer375
142.the twentieth century is almost over331
143.there she goes328
144.they oughta name a drink after you305
145.theyll never take her love from me403
146.third of july331
147.this cold war with you342
148.this love is real364
149.ubangi stomp340
151.unwed fathers377
152.way back then357
153.way down425
154.we are the lonely370
155.we could422
156.we must have been out of our minds324
157.wedding bells/lets turn back the years415
158.wedding day in funeralville317
159.were not the jet set451
160.when two worlds collide351
162.you got gold428
163.you mean so much to me329
164.you never can tell343
165.your flag decal wont get you into heaven anymore521
166.til a tear becomes a rose414
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