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punishment for love ark sz

truthdare doubledare
rejected for no reason
he finds it easy to cry
another day that pases
how he tries to hide
confused with how hes feeling
ends up wanting much more
waits for the bell to ring
but no-ones at the door.
living in a jail house
a cell of his own
will he ever have his freedom
inside of his home?
and the warden is his father
the watcher his mum
under lock and key
until hes 21

uncertain where hes going
uncertain of his love
uncertain what is coming
is this the punishment for love?

they gave him everything he wanted
and a little bit more
but nothing seems to please him
he stares at the floor
watching from the window
his friends passing by
wishing he could be there (never satisfied)
living in a jailhouse
a cell of his own
will he ever have his freedom
inside of his home
the judge it is his father
the jury his mum
hell just have to serve his sentence
until hes 21

well you know
time waits for no-one
got a pace of its own
the dawning of an idea
to go it alone
longing for adventure
fear of the unknown
trying to find the courage
make a break of his own
fleeing from that jailhouse
his heart full of hope
theres a ride waiting for him
to take him to the smoke


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