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dr john ark sz

truthdare doubledare
gotta be careful who i meet tonight
put up the struggle, ill put up the fight
loving is different, so full of fear
cant love you right, until the cure is here

its physical breakdown
its emotional blackmail
its uncontrollable it affects us all

here i am dr john
here i am do you know what to do

the papers report in the wrong way
dont care what they say, they dont educate
people look on it with a different view
can you help me, explain
do you know what to do

used to be careless and so carefree
that old life-style will be the death of me
dreading the system in this modern age
its killing our people, must try to be brave

there must be something we can do
its catching up, breaking through
there falls a silence across our land
the situations out of hand

the situation is out of hand

do you know what to do


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