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john mayall, john mayall arklar, john mayall ark szleri
1.a hard road501
2.aint no surrender553
3.all those heroes390
4.all your love371
5.always a brand new road387
6.another man550
7.bad dream catcher458
8.blues for the lost days411
11.dancing shoes423
12.dead city425
13.deep blue sea670
14.dont waste my time503
15.double crossing time378
16.have you heard446
17.i dont mind509
18.it aint right618
19.im a stranger664
20.ive got to talk to you462
21.key to love397
22.killing time587
23.little girl443
24.many miles apart396
25.my country girl416
26.natures disappearing563
27.night flyer379
28.no reply621
29.off the road339
30.one in a million308
31.padlock on the blues399
32.parchman farm495
33.plan your revolution371
34.possessive emotions387
35.rambling on my mind379
36.ridin on the l&n683
38.saw mill gulch road418
39.shes too young746
40.so hard to share566
41.so hard to share413
42.somebodys watching620
43.something new1254
44.stone cold deal378
45.the strip385
46.thinking of my woman533
47.thoughts about roxanne369
48.took the car410
50.when the blues are bad422
51.white line fever393
52.you are for real360
53.you must be crazy441
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