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john fogerty, john fogerty arklar, john fogerty ark szleri
1.almost saturday night419
2.back in the hills387
3.between the lines484
4.big train from memphis457
5.blue ridge mountain blues416
6.california blues blue yodel489
8.change in the weather387
9.comin down the road664
11.evil thing421
12.eye of the zombie443
13.flyin away587
14.goin back home701
15.have thine own way lord428
17.hearts of stone444
19.hoodoo man445
20.hot rod heart420
21.i aint never679
22.i cant help myself674
23.i confess465
24.i saw it on tv330
25.jambalaya on the bayou410
26.knockin on your door669
27.leave my woman alone427
28.lonely teardrops390
29.marchin to blarney850
30.mr greed448
31.my toot toot455
32.on the run450
33.please help me, im falling788
35.rock and roll girls501
36.rockin all over the world593
37.sail away403
38.sea cruise470
40.she thinks i still care403
41.soda pop514
42.somewhere listening for my name464
44.the old man down the road441
45.the wall422
46.today i started loving you again368
47.travelin high678
48.vanz kant danz555
49.violence is golden349
50.walking in a hurricane375
51.wasnt that a woman545
52.where the river flows452
53.workin on a building672
54.you dont owe me560
55.you got the magic421
56.you rascal you438
57.youre the reason560
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