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john farnham, john farnham arklar, john farnham ark szleri
1.a simple life322
2.a touch of paradise394
3.age of reason417
4.all kinds of people410
5.all our sons and daughters389
6.always the same400
8.beyond the call345
9.blow by blow370
10.burn down the night409
11.burn for you371
12.chain reaction379
14.dont let it end535
15.dont tell me it cant be done604
16.everytime you cry359
17.going, going, gone358
18.hard promises to keep378
19.have a little faith in us339
20.hearts on fire566
21.i can do anything412
22.in days to come431
23.in your hands375
24.it all comes back to you388
25.let me out362
26.listen to the wind368
27.little piece of my heart342
28.love to shine350
29.may you never335
30.new day588
31.no one comes close375
32.one step away380
33.only women bleed354
34.over my head368
35.please dont ask me578
36.pressure down375
38.rolling home404
39.romeos heart572
40.second skin446
41.see the banners fall339
42.seemed like a good idea at the time375
43.so long in love366
44.some do, some dont584
45.talent for fame360
46.talk of the town371
47.thats freedom509
48.the fire495
49.the first step436
50.the reason why368
51.the time has come467
52.time and money468
53.treated this way291
55.two strong hearts323
56.were no angels615
57.what you dont know594
58.when all else fails403
59.when something is wrong with my baby309
60.youre the only one628
61.youre the voice623
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