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john berry, john berry arklar, john berry ark szleri
1.a mind of her own426
2.change my mind420
3.desperate measures505
5.everytime my heart calls your name424
6.how much do you love me456
7.i never lost you465
8.i think about it all the time388
9.i will if you will527
10.if i had any pride left at all439
11.kiss me in the car378
12.more than just a little445
13.more than youll ever know541
14.ninety miles an hour404
15.power windows450
16.prove me wrong522
17.shes taken a shine544
19.standing on the edge532
20.theres no cross that love wont bear525
21.what are we fighting for397
22.whats in it for me524
23.when love dies333
24.you and only you422
25.your love amazes me357
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