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wings of a dove ark sz

van dyke parks

rain come down for days makes such thunder
this old house cant take that much more
and it just might take you and me under
makin such a great commotion
you could hear the clatter
put the pots and pans on the floor
and just let it pour

in the tintinnabulation
you can hear the rain as it (rains?)
the whole wide world in great jubilation
underneath the pitter patter
say it doesnt matter
somethin say you feelin ok
and just fly away

on the wings of a dove
you bring me my love
shes singin so sadly
wings lifting my love
shes drifting above
the push and the shove
on wings of a dove

rain come down to wash away sorrow
this whole town is covered in gray
god let it rain my nights to tomorrow
someone here in tribulation
say does it matter
someone say you feelin ok
on one rainy day

on the wings of a dove
shes singin of love
the thing we need badly
things i wish i had
when she seems sad
i would sing gladly
on wings of a dove

do do you
do you
do do you
do you

on wings of a dove


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