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theres so many ark sz

time: 2:46 beach bum music bmi/beachead music, inc. ascap
producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
mixed by hugh padgham assisted by bob vogt at a & m recording studios
brian wilson/eugene landy/alexandra morgan

theres so many dreams to dream of
why not dream about my true love
and even though i cant be with her
i still have my fantasy
fantasy world

theres so many risks to take
and if i lose my heart will break
i think i might take a chance on love again
oh on love again
love again

i wonder
why has it taken so long
i wonder
if you know where you belong
your face up in the sky
where angels fly
in heavens eye
where planets are spinning around

theres so many songs to sing
im thankful for the love they bring
dont let old scars keep us apart
were gonna mend our broken hearts
starting tonight

i wonder
if you know where you belong
i wonder
why has it taken so long
to get you in my arms
to feel my love that is so strong
where planets are spinning around
planets are spinning around


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