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joe cocker, joe cocker arklar, joe cocker ark szleri
1.bye bye blackbird1808
2.change in louise367
3.could you be loved442
4.delta lady557
5.different roads423
6.dont let me be misunderstood656
7.feeling alright357
8.first we take manhattan414
9.have a little faith in me390
10.heart full of rain351
11.high time we went378
12.highway, highway345
13.i aint gonna cry again381
14.leave your hat on419
15.let the healing begin336
16.living in the promiseland368
17.love to lean on388
18.many rivers to cross370
20.my fathers son751
21.naked without you343
22.night calls593
23.no ordinary world397
24.noubliez jamais455
25.on my way home357
26.she believes in me397
28.soul rising358
29.summer in the city368
30.thats all i need to know424
31.the letter600
32.the simple things378
34.unchain my heart8230
35.up where we belong337
36.what becomes of the broken hearted345
37.when the night comes411
38.where would i be now367
39.while you see a chance350
40.with a little help from my friends408
41.woman to woman655
42.you are so beautiful875
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