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do it again ark sz

time: 2:44 irving music, inc. bmi
brian wilson/mike love
featuring carnie and windy wilson

its automatic when i
talk with old friends
the conversation turns to
girls we knew when their
hair was soft and long and the
beach was the place to go

with suntanned bodies and
rays of sunshine the
california girls and a
beautiful coastline
warmed up weather
lets get together and
do it again

with a girl the lonely sea looks good with your life
makes your nighttimes warm and out of sight

been so long (dip dip dit di dit)
been so long (dip dip dit di dit)
been so long
(hey now hey now hey now hey now hey now)
(hey now hey now hey now hey now hey now)

well ive been thinking bout
all the places weve surfed and danced and
all the faces weve missed so lets get
back together and do it again


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