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concert tonite ark sz

concert, concert tonite
dit dit dit dit dit dit dit
concert, concert tonite

the musics comin at you
you know its worth the wait
youll lose those tired-of-workin blues

everybody in the human race
everybody loves to rock the place
lets get smokin
yeah prime time concert tonite

everybody wants to feel the groove
everybody wants their feet to move
lets get rockin now
good time rockin tonite

youve got your girl beside you
she looks like love tonight
but if your soul is hungry
rock feeds your appetite

everybody wants the beat to go on
everybody needs to learn the song
lets make music now
lets make music tonite

everybody set your spirit free
everybody feel as good as me
enjoy the concert as we go get out tonight
everybody gotta hang loose
everybody needs a good excuse
were in concert so lets get crazy tonight

theres gonna be a concert tonite
theres gonna be a good time tonight
put on your 3-d glasses tonight
were gonna see a magic show tonight
theres sorcery and music tonight
im doin it in concert tonight
now everybody feels good tonight
and everybody looks good tonight
so turn on your love lights tonight
were doin it in stereo tonight
im wired up to you guys tonight
well conjure up a concert tonight

a song moves like an arrow
its aim is always true
it dont shoot like a shadow
let it just fly with you (???)

everybody love the rockin band
everybody now clap your hands
cause were violent now
rockin violent tonight
rock rock rock rock rockin tonight
let the rhythm get in to your feet
let it move you right outa your seat
oh were jumpin now
concert jumpin tonight

come, come on down
everybody needs to put it behind
everybody come and give me a sign
lord have mercy on this our concert tonight
lord have mercy tonight
everybody needs to have some fun
leave the concert so we can shine
lets start crankin now
lets keep rockin tonight

woo woo hooo
wooo wooo hooo
wooo wooo wooo hooo
wooo wooo hooo


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