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joan armatrading, joan armatrading arklar, joan armatrading ark szleri
2.all a woman needs314
3.all the kings gardens515
4.all the way from america273
6.am i blue for you275
7.angel man286
8.at the hop338
9.baby i352
10.back on the road304
11.back to the night259
12.bad habits370
13.barefoot and pregnant293
14.beyond the blue255
15.body to dust244
16.bottom to the top286
17.can i get next to you328
18.cant get over how i broke your heart380
19.cant let go618
20.cant stop loving you463
21.child star251
22.city girl287
23.come when you need me252
25.cool blue stole my heart290
26.cradled in your love292
28.dark truths404
29.did i make you up307
30.did i make you up344
31.drop the pilot266
32.dry land291
33.eating the bear273
34.everybody gotta know261
35.everyday boy316
36.feeling in my heart for you282
37.foolish pride286
40.friends not lovers378
41.get in the sun307
42.get in touch with jesus259
43.give it a try283
44.good times358
45.he wants her424
46.head of the table272
47.hearts and flowers264
48.help yourself327
49.how cruel284
50.i cant lie to myself530
51.i love it when you call me names336
52.i love my baby544
53.i need you280
54.i really must be going288
55.i wanna hold you379
56.if women ruled the world410
57.in your eyes444
58.is it tomorrow yet306
59.it could have been better287
60.im lucky778
61.join the boys282
62.killing time268
63.kind words and a real good heart273
64.kissin and a huggin595
65.laurel and the rose264
66.let it last313
67.lets go dancing452
68.like fire286
69.living for you243
70.lost the love265
71.love and affection251
72.love by you284
74.mama mercy264
75.me myself i304
76.mean old man231
77.merchant of love282
78.mister remember me246
79.more than one kind of love296
81.my family465
82.never is too late269
83.no love261
84.no love for free248
85.one more chance263
86.one night331
87.only one380
89.peace in mind248
91.persona grata346
92.promise land261
93.reach out296
94.recommend my love257
97.save me284
98.secret secrets361
99.shape of a pony281
100.shapes and sizes268
101.show some emotion398
103.so good266
104.somebody who loves you295
105.someones in the background427
106.something in the air tonight273
107.sometimes i dont wanna go home557
109.spend a little time264
110.square the circle319
111.steppin out569
112.straight talk299
114.stronger love307
115.taking my baby up town269
116.talking to the wall266
117.tall in the saddle303
118.tell tale329
119.tell tale363
120.the dealer312
121.the devil i know294
122.the game of love440
123.the key351
124.the power of dreams319
125.the shouting stage232
126.the weakness in me240
127.thinking man353
128.travel so far269
130.true love295
131.turn out the light329
132.visionary mountains367
133.warm love305
134.watch your step298
135.water with the wine279
136.weak woman334
137.what do boys dream321
138.what do you want273
139.whatevers for us419
140.when i get it right356
141.when you kisses me320
144.woncha come on home354
146.would you like to dance403
147.wrapped around her268
148.you rope, you tie me265
149.your letter323
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