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for once, in my life
i finally found what i was looking to find
when i first, saw your eyes
i saw right through your heart
and climbed into your mind
i never thought i would ever have the thing
i believe other lover do
now i do

baby with you
all my life ive been waiting for you
and there aint no mistaken its true
ive been saving forever for you
girl my only desire is you
baby im so on fire for you
its not hard to believe, i love you

theres no war, i cant fight
theres no river to wide
theres no mountain to high
with you, by my side
from the moment i wake up, till deep in the night
i never thought i would ever have the thing
i believe other lovers do
but now i do


oh, i said it couldnt be done
we played one on one
and thats when i saw your hang time
oh baby you came to play
and then i traded away
my heart for you


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