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dark is the night,
i can weather the storm,
never say die,
ive been down this road before,
ill never quit,
ill never lay down,
see ive promised myself that id never let me down, so

no stopping now,
theres still a ways to go,
ohh, someway, somehow
whatever it takes i know,
ill never quit, no, no
ill never go down
ill make sure they remember my name
a 100 years from now

when its all said and done
my once in a lifetime, wom back again
this is the time, to take a stand
here is my chance, thats why i

nerver give up, never give in
never let a ray of doubt slip in
and if i fall, ill never faint
ill just get up and try again,
never lose hope, never lose faith
thers much too much at stake,
upon myself i must depend,
im not looking for plays to show, im gonna win


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