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up around my way ark sz

you can call me day and night, night and day
girl youre all that i want
i need you up around my way
we go together like a potter and clay
girl youre all that i want
i need you up around my way

michael angelo would faint
rembrandt would cry
to stand in line for a lock of your hair
id fly around the world just to be close to you
anytime, anyplace, anywhere


now looking in your eyes
i see the real reason
why stars like to fall from the sky
youre all i ever think of
thats why, i gotta let you know
how you blow my mind
youre just my type, just my kind

chorus 2x

just tell me what i should do
tell me what i should say
rub me im your genie
your wish is my command right away
can we talk about it
lady can we get together
im free, im free

left of the sun, right of the moon
youre hotter than the fourth of july
ah oooh
one kiss from your sweet sweet lips
will have me doing cartwheels and flips
kinda shy to say that im sweating you
judging by the smile on your face
says im getting through
no rush, come will the day
you come around my way
come on


you know the number baby call me



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