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til i get over you ark sz

i remember the way
you used to touch me all the time
i told you how i was the luckiest man alive
and now i hear you showin off
your new boy, frontin
like everythings alright
ill be damned if i let you know
that i still find it hard to sleep at night

outside im smiling
inside im crying
ill just keep denying
till i get over you

endless times i stayed up
all night waiting for you to call
lying to myself
cause you arent thinking bout me at all
my eyes are holding back the tears
my pride wont let you see me act a fool
ill be damned if i let you know
that i still feel something for you

chorus 2x

cant forget the way we touched
(everyday, every night, baby)
and the way we used to make love
(i still remeber how it feels)
baby, but now its over and youre gone
(ive got to say goodbye)
because i know i cant go on without you

chorus out


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