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been around the world from a to z
i wanna tell ya
i believe that you could very well complete me
i hang on every word you say
think about you all night and day
its not fate, its destiny
and if you feel the same way

tell me how you feel and what you need
tell me all the secrets that you keep
tell me what you want
call me and its on tonight
let me kiss all your tears away
call me anytime of night or day
tell me what you want
call me and its on tonight

you got a strong mind and you do your own thing
id never stop you
dont have to be in control of everything
together we are the gold
together were gold
and the dough wont ever be spent
give it half a chance
i know well win
girl if you feel the same way


youre the one ive been searching for
the first time i ever opened the door
you cast your spell
and its taken over me
you take me up
then you bring me down slow
my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
if you believe in me
and you care for me
youll be there for me
then tell me...

chorus out


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