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jimmy nail, jimmy nail arklar, jimmy nail ark szleri
1.absent friends426
2.aint no doubt449
5.between a woman and a man471
6.big river365
7.bitter and twisted389
8.blue roses392
9.calling out your name339
10.cant hold on439
11.country boy381
12.cowboy dreams432
13.crocodile shoes526
14.dont wanna go home636
16.fear no evil430
17.gentles lament490
18.hands of time340
19.i believed575
20.i refuse to lie down373
21.i think of you404
22.i wonder will i ever love again363
23.im a troubled man574
24.just cant win498
27.love will find someone for you387
28.my buddy638
29.once upon a time394
30.only love can bring us home395
31.only one heart366
32.reach out357
33.real love601
34.right to know337
35.running man473
36.something that we had375
37.still i dream of it383
38.until the day i die414
39.waiting for the sunshine390
40.what kind of man am i395
41.whats the use570
42.wicked world394
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