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stay or let it go ark sz

whats up girl?
i need to talk to you for a minute
i cant keep playing myself like this
theres only one thing i wanna know
should i stay or should i go?

its not my fault that you made yourself a regretful past
but all i know is, it makes me look bad
when im holding your hand and you see old friends you knew
and they walk away laughing
calling me a fool

(now baby i cant) change the things you did before we met
even though i didnt know you
(and its hard for me to) trust you even though girl, i love you
so tell me what am i to do, yeah

[1] - dont know if we would last
and if we do last can i erase the past
girl can you tell me, i dont know
should i stay or let it go?
dont know if were meant to be
and if we should be could you live faithfully
girl can you tell me, i dont know
should i stay or let it go?

i think of the night that i made reservations just for two
but you gave your attention to someone across the room
i should have known right then that things just werent right
but i couldnt see it cause love had me so blind

(now tell me how can) i be so secure in loving you
when everybodys calling me a fool
(i cant keep holding) on to broken promises from you
and i cant take no more from you, yeah

[repeat 1]

baby time and time again
i try to overlook the pain
but then i think of losing all we had to gain
girl if it takes me losing you
for happiness in me
i think that i might just have to let you go, oh

why you playing those games huh?
i dont see how youll do it when i walk out the door

[repeat 1 till end]

should i stay, or should i go?


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