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shall we begin ark sz

i remember the day when we first met
we both got caught in the rain
and we were soaking wet
i looked in your eyes
you gave me a smile
you told me your name
you told me about your career
i told you about my hopes, my dreams, my fears
we had some laughs
one month has past
tonight cant you stay
can you stay

now that the time is feelin just right
candles burnin turnin out the lights
anticipate the feeling of your skin
shall we begin
hit repeat and let the music play
until the night turns into day
open up your heart and let me in
shall we begin

over time weve gotten closer than close
youre the one i wanna be with the most
neither one of us was in a rush
agreeing to wait
now i feel my patience running thin
anticipating when you tell me when
the time is now
tell me youll stay


were gonna take our time
dont hesitate to come inside
relax your mind
everything is alright
the candlelight and you
just pour the wine
were gonna take it nice and slow
auto pilot
steady as we go
not in a hurry, no
till i hear you say
that youre so glad you stayed

chorus out


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