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on the floor ark sz

the bed gives
the cover might break underneath you
hard as i try
oh, the table will shake
and break a leg
when i do what i do
i use all of my mind

consider the love well make
when pleasure can be found
in and all around the right place is on the floor
why dont we get down on the floor
i wont leave you wanting for more
if we get down on the floor
on the floor

comfortable spot
when i got you hot
a place to lay your head
was it socrates who said, "good to the last drop", lady
oh, feel so sweet
from your head to your feet
your face is turning red
now my appetites fed


when your satisfied
thats when ill give you more
its gonna rain
let it pour
and if youre gonna stay
and youre willing to play
its time that we openly, honestly
get on the floor

brian sings:(as background singers repeat:"on the floor")
i need you here
oh my dear
the floor
the floor
theres more and more and more and more


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