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on the down low ark sz

bj gonna tell a secret
mark, set, go....

maxine was 59", had a man she didnt mind
walked up to me nice and slow
what she wanted i did not know
gave me her pager number and said call her anytime
then she whispered in my ear, she said

my body wants you so
for what i miss at home
nobody has to know
keep it on the down low

she says that he
doesnt take her anywhere
used to say sweet things
acts like he doesnt even care
deprived of all the things
she misses, wants, wishes and needs
got hotter than a hundred and three
she turned and said to me

chorus 4x

i wouldnt treat you that way if you were my lady
i couldnt share you, youd be mine and mine alone oh no
if he continues wasting your time girl hes crazy
ill take her
try to hang on maxine

maxine looked into my eyes
wanting me to be the other guy
and tonight she needed someone to hold
lonely nights can get oh so cold
he thinks that shes content
cause he bought her car and pays her rent
but shes not ready to leave
she turned and said to me

chorus out


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