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my prayer ark sz

i have been so far away
counting the time until today
so long ive waited for a chance
when i could spend some time with you
just with you

you are growing so very fast
and i know im always the very last, oh
to help you with a problem
to kiss your hurt if you should happen to fall down
fall down

but when im gone
i need you here to carry on
my son i know you will be strong
like a burning flame
youre my claim
thats why youve got my name
and just to show
come what may i love you so
and there will come a day
when all thats mine is yours
to take good care of you and yours i swear
i swear
and this is my prayer

oh, yes
when i look at you, so hard to believe
youre the younger version of older me
i swear
i swear
and this is my prayer
oh lord, this is my prayer


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