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my kinda girl ark sz

verse 1 :

when i was younger
i never went too far
held my feelings
i never even wanted to start
till when i met you
i didnt know
what you were gonna do with my heart

bridge :
when you talk (hang on every word you say)
when you move (like the breeze of a summer day)
when you smile
the sky turns from gray to blue
thats what you do

chorus :
and youre the kind of girl i think of
and youre the kind of girl i dream about
my heart is telling me i need you in my world
cause youre my kinda lady, youre my kinda girl.

verse 2 :
when im not with you
wherever you are
baby im counting
the moments till im back in your arms
all i want is to have you here with me
every night every day


bridge 2:
baby girl i need you by side
and if youre there everything will be alright
cause this is the time for us
baby be mine

chorus till end.


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