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must be love ark sz

i used to hang out all night
ladies on the left and on the right
they used to call me mr. shady down low undercover (this)
i didnt care what i said
as long as they awoke in my bed
i was gonna get it one way or the other (this must)

i was just as fast as i could be
didnt want nobody changing me
id go running from lover to lover (this must be)
you walked into my life right on time
not a penny short of a dime
now baby im beginning to discover

this must be love
it must be love, yeah
cause tell me what is love if this aint love
this must be love
its gotta be love, yeah
cause tell me what is love if this aint
tell me what is love if this aint love

its all because of you
im doing all the things i would not do
ive come so far i dont think ill recover
now everybody in the world can see
that youve become the biggest part of me
i could never leave you for another


oh, when you come close to me
i know this is the way that its supposed to be, yeah
ever since that day, you came up around my way
youre all that i think of
and i know this must be love

you got me saying things i would not say
on top of my things to do today
all i ever want to do is love ya
its like i was blind but now i see
i cant believe the change inside of me
and baby im beginning to discover

chorus out


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