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love me, hold me ark sz

every night i lie awake
wishin i could love you with all my heart can take
tell me my love this time, do you want me to stay
you say youre in need of a little love
and baby its me youre thinking of
and nothing in this world could keep me away
darlin finally, ive waited so long for you to come to me
darlin with each passing day, theres nothing left to say
but im so glad we waited, it was worth the wait so

love me, hold me
dont hesitate, lets celebrate
our love together
love me, hold me
dont hesitate, lets celebrate
our love together
lets make it last forever, for always

can i open the shades, you ask me why
so we can have the moon and the stars as our only light
cherish the moment, lets take our time
passion flies across the room
the sweet aroma of true love in bloom
softly i whisper, "forever be mine"
oh now i see, youre everything i dreamed of
now its reality
oh loves so rare, now its ours to share
its me for only you and only you for me so


ive been waiting to hear you say
youd be mine for always
what would i do
do without you
know that its true
im all about you darlin oh

vamp out


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