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its all about love ark sz

its christmas, give love till theres peace
til theres more then enough
its christmas, give love
its all about love
yea, yea, yea

brian jr.:
today i saw a man on the street yea, yea
he was cold, he was tired
and there were no shoes on his feet yea, yea
he said can you spare a dime
it wont take you much time
til i can get back up on my feet
i look to heaven and pray
day after day
im just trying to get something to eat

and what about the woman
who walks the night alone
with no place to sleep yea, yea
and what about the child
with a broken heart
through teary eyes that cant really see
all they need is a hand
someone who understands
to listen to the cry that they make
instead of walking on by
take a look into their eyes
and help somebody find their way


brian jr.:
just open your heart
cause theres someone out there
whos needing you now
a little love
is something that cant be replaced
put a smile on each face
some how, right now
on this holiday
i dont care what people say
put their weight opon my shoulders
brian jr. & niko sing chorus as brian sings:
god so loved the world
that he gave his only son
not just for me
not just for you
for everyone


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