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jimmy buffett, jimmy buffett arklar, jimmy buffett ark szleri
1.a love song from a different point of view305
2.a mile high in denver349
3.a pirate looks at forty311
4.a sailors christas310
5.a thousand steps to nowhere278
7.ace in album high cumberland jubilee277
8.african friend301
9.aint he a genius374
10.all the ways i want you343
11.altered boy284
12.another saturday night298
14.autour du rocher307
15.babys gone shopping492
16.ballad of spider john320
17.banana republics315
18.bank of bad habits299
19.barefoot children in the rain360
20.barometer soup274
21.beach house on the moon296
22.bend a little280
23.bend a little in album high cumberland jubilee277
24.beyond the end297
25.big rig362
26.bigger than the both of us267
28.blue guitar316
29.blue heaven rendezvous296
30.boat drinks343
31.bob roberts society band317
32.boomerang love322
33.brahma fear358
34.brand new country star321
35.bring back the magic299
36.brown eyed girl332
37.burn that bridge348
39.california promises342
40.captain america362
41.carnival world261
42.cattle truckin664
43.champagne si, agua no440
44.changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes296
45.changing channels323
46.chanson pour les petits enfants365
47.cheeseburger in paradise331
48.cheeseburger in paradisein album son of a son of a sailor322
49.christmas in the caribbean318
50.christmas island344
52.coast of marseilles340
53.coconut telegraph320
54.come monday278
55.come mondayin album living and dying in / time252
56.come to the moon272
57.countin the cows every day406
58.cowboy in the jungle328
60.cuban crime of passion315
61.cultural infidel336
62.cumberland high dilemma275
64.death of an unpopular poet277
65.death valley lives297
66.death valley livesin album high cumberland jubilee262
67.defying gravity314
68.delaney talks to statues343
69.desdemonas building a rocket ship311
70.desperation samba halloween in tijuana351
71.diamond as big as the ritz527
72.distantly in love322
73.dixie diner313
75.domino college312
76.don chu know298
77.dont bug me452
78.door number three313
80.ellis dee297
81.elvis imitators272
83.england in album high cumberland jubilee293
84.everlasting moon348
85.everybodys got a cousin in miami443
86.everybodys on the run410
87.false echos253
88.far side of the world292
89.fat person man277
90.fifteen gears301
91.fifteen gears instrumental431
93.fins in album volcano301
94.first look339
95.flesh and bone248
97.fool button338
98.frank and lola363
99.frenchman for the night267
101.god dont own a car no wheels443
102.gods own drunk362
103.grapefruit-juicy fruit305
104.gravity storm291
105.great filling station holdup314
106.great heart318
107.green flash at sunset639
108.growing older but not up292
109.gypsies in the palace324
110.gypsies in the palace in album last mango in paris268
111.happily ever after now and then332
112.happy christmas war is over320
113.havana daydreamin365
114.he went to paris302
115.hennys song: the key to my man297
116.high cumberland jubilee / comin down slow349
117.high cumberland jubilee/comin down slow380
118.hippolytes habitat qui moun qui430
119.ho ho ho and a bottle of rhum372
121.homemade music321
122.honey do335
123.honey doin album one particular harbour311
124.i cant be your hero today418
125.i dont know and i dont care416
126.i have found me a home318
127.i heard i was in town286
128.i love the now257
129.i use to have money one time349
130.i will play for gumbo315
131.i wish lunch could last forever316
132.if i could just get it on paper285
133.if it all falls down253
134.if the phone doesnt ring its me463
135.in the shelter306
136.in the shelter in album high cumberland jubilee295
138.intro-the legend of norman paperman/kinja260
140.island fever346
141.its all about the water381
142.its midnight and im not famous yet464
143.its my job653
144.ill be home for christmas722
145.jamaica farewell291
146.jamaica mistaica288
147.jimmy dreams282
148.jingle bells337
149.jolly mon341
150.jolly mon sing291
151.just an old truth teller294
152.kick it in second wind304
153.king of somewhere hot280
154.kinja rules306
155.knees of my heart287
156.la vie dansante352
157.lady i cant explain407
158.lage nom ai311
160.last man standing290
161.last mango in paris275
162.last mango in paris in album last mango in paris278
163.left me with a nail to drive317
164.life is just a tire swing305
165.lip service326
166.little miss magic289
167.livingston saturday night314
168.livingston saturday night in album son of a son of a sailor405
169.livingstons gone to texas381
170.livingstons gone to texas in album high cumberland jubilee387
171.livingstons gone to texas in album living and dying in / time386
172.livin it up420
173.lone palm323
174.love and luck274
175.love in decline376
176.love in the library299
177.lovely cruise325
178.lucky star258
179.lair de la louisianne559
180.mademoiselle voulez-vous danser431
181.makin music for money437
184.math suks332
185.meet me in memphis305
186.mele kalikimaka362
187.mental floss327
188.mermaid in the night284
189.merry christmas, alabama never far from home295
191.middle of the night347
193.miss you so badly313
194.money back guarantee353
195.morris nightmare313
196.mr spaceman323
197.my barracuda386
198.my head hurts, my feet stink, and i dont love jesus303
199.my lovely lady307
200.nautical wheelers323
201.no plane on sunday302
202.nobody speaks to the captain no more332
203.off to see the lizard260
204.on a slow boat to china384
205.one particular harbour298
206.one particular harbourin album one particular harbour311
207.only time will tell264
209.oysters and pearls333
210.pacing the cage278
211.peanut butter conspiracy280
212.pencil thin mustache350
213.permanent reminder of a temporary feeling288
214.perrier blues343
215.pirate looks at forty271
216.please bypass this heart336
218.presents to send you314
219.prince of tides300
220.public relations328
221.public relations reprise302
222.quietly making noise281
223.ragtop day314
224.railroad lady297
225.rancho deluxe end title318
226.rancho deluxe instrumental529
227.rancho deluxe main title281
228.reggae accident337
229.remittance man336
230.richard frost286
231.ridin in style660
232.ringling, ringling274
233.rockefeller square326
234.rockefeller squarein album high cumberland jubilee295
235.run rudolph run309
236.savannah fare you well289
238.school boy heart311
239.semi-true story314
240.sending the old man home297
241.sheila says298
242.shes going out of my mind367
243.shes got you386
244.six string music362
245.smart woman in a real short skirt344
246.some gothic ranch action373
247.someday i will262
248.something so feminine about a mandolin322
249.somewhere over china334
250.son of a son of a sailor306
251.southern cross323
253.spending money281
254.stars fell on alabama347
255.stars on the water310
257.stories we could tell309
258.stranded on a sandbar321
259.strange bird338
260.sunny afternoon350
262.take another road315
263.take it back258
264.tampico trauma315
265.thats my story and im stickin to it374
266.thats what living is to me359
267.the ballad of skip wiley311
268.the captain and the kid337
269.the captain and the kid in albume havaña daydreamin378
270.the christian293
271.the city328
272.the good fight293
273.the handiest frenchmen in the caribbean309
274.the hang out gang301
275.the hang out gang in album high cumberland jubilee260
276.the last line335
277.the missionary279
278.the night i painted the sky326
279.the pascagoula run298
280.the perfect partner251
281.the weather is here, wish you were beautiful243
282.the wino and i know291
283.the wrangler413
284.theres nothing soft about hard times418
285.they dont dance like carmen no more444
286.this hotel room275
287.time to go home325
288.tin cup chalice258
289.todays message391
290.tonight i just need my guitar338
291.travelin clean358
292.travelin clean in album high cumberland jubilee391
293.treat her like a lady328
294.treetop flyer297
295.trouble on the horizon321
296.truckstop salvation308
297.trying to reason with hurricane season316
299.turning around287
300.twelve volt man291
301.uncle johns band337
302.up on the hill279
303.up on the housetop321
304.uss zydecoldsmobile273
305.vampires, mummies and the holy ghost249
307.volcano in album volcano266
308.waiting for the next explosion330
309.we are the people our parents warned us about265
310.west nashville grand ballroom gown326
311.what if the hokey pokey is all it really is about281
312.when salome plays the drum330
313.when the coast is clear262
314.when the wild life betrays me276
315.wheres the party593
316.who are we trying to fool306
317.whos the blonde stranger630
318.why dont we get drunk412
319.why the things we do324
320.why you wanna hurt my heart356
321.woman goin crazy on caroline street349
322.wonder why we ever go home294
323.wonder why you ever go home453
324.you call it joggin347
325.youll never work in dis bidness again407
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