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is the feeling gone ark sz

is the feeling gone my love
is it not as strong to you and i, oh
are we still in love?
has the fire died my sweet
dont i sweep you off your feet anymore, baby
tell me if im right
this is killing me baby
it makes me wanna cry
the message youre sending me baby
tears me up inside but tell me where
where are all the butterflies
cause they no longer move inside of you my love, baby
are they dead and gone
have they flown away my sweet
or am i buried somewhere deep inside of you my love, yeah
tell me where i am
if ive done something wrong lady
whats the nature of my crime
dont keep me hanging on baby
this is the place and time

is the feeling, feeling, feeling gone my love
where did all this doubt come from in me my love, mama
have we grown apart
is it cold right here in my arms
or have you found anothers heart to keep you warm

is the feeling gone my love
is the feeling gone
tell me if im wrong


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