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could ark sz

lying alone in my room
dont know what im gonna do
trying to figure out
if this is it, this time
just cant stop thinking bout the way
you make me feel inside
i just cant get you off my mind
no matter how hard i try

could you be the one for me
could we dance the night away
i wanna give you everything
though i dont have much
could you fall in love with me
could you love me the rest of my life
could you forever be the one for me this time

i walk around in a daze
the ice is melting from my heart
how can i ever know
if you feel the same
are you the sunshine thats begging me
to come in from the rain
or have you come into my life
to turn around and take your love away


when i look into your eyes
oh, oh, oh, oh
they tell me that youre mine
but i keep asking myself


could you forever be
the one for me
this time


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