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do you ever think about me
do you ever cry yourself to sleep
in the middle of the night when you awake
are you calling out for me
do you ever reminisce
i cant believe im acting like this
i know its crazy
how i still can feel your kiss

its been six months, eight days, twelve hours since you went away
i miss you so much
and i dont know what to say
i should be over you
i should know better
but its just not the case
its been six months, eight days, twelve hours since you went away

do you ever ask about me
do your friends still tell you what to do
everytime the phone rings
do you wish it was me callin you
do you still feel the same
or has time put out the flame
i miss you
is everything ok


its hard enough just passing the time
when i cant seem to get you off my mind
and where is the good in goodbye
tell me why, tell me why

chorus out


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