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what are we made of ark sz

[what are we made of?]
can we know what we will be?
(what are we made of?)
[think again]

theres a wind of change is blowing
theres a fire deep inside
theres a place we could be going
if we could only get it right
and the river keeps on flowing
and the morning lights the sky
{but if they said it would be easy}
{i guess they must have lied}

[what are we made of?]
can we know what we will be?
[what are the chances]
i can find a better path, [a better life], {a better me?}
(what are we made of?)
[if you think you know the answer]
[turn around, think again]

whatever were you thinking?
could you turn you life around?
when you know your world is sinking
can you find the solid ground?
is there really a road to heaven?
[well find it]
and a road leads down below
[some way, somewhere]
does anything really matter?
{if only we could know}

[what are we made of?]
is it written in the sand?
[where are we sailing?]
{to a strange and distant land}
{take my hand, sail with me}

(what are we made of?)
[cos i have to understand]

[what are we made of?]
can we know what we will be?
[what are the chances]
{theres a place for you and me?}

(what are we made of?)
[just for this moment, take your life into your hands]
[youll decide what you are made of]
what it is that you can be
[think again, my friend]
[turn around, think again.]


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