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resurrection ark sz

theres a pain in my brain
confusion in my heart
my bloods fit for bursting my body apart
im gonna ride, ride the night into the morning sun

yeah im gonna make my resurrection
no more of this crap
got a whole new direction
aint no turning back
resurrection is gonna come

my spirit is weeping
for freedom it cries
been scraping my living
in the valley of lies
gonna ride the night into the morning sun

yeah im a victim of a victim
of a conspiracy
from a corpum derelictum
gonna fly and be free
resurrection is gonna come, yeah

clear the vision
heal the system
sins forgiven

flee the prison
break the system
sins forgiven

ride the night
yes i know im still alive
gtota ride the night, yeah
im gonna ride
rise again in the morning light

theres no sense in my counting
the price of those years
theres too many heartaches
and too many tears
ride the night into the morning sun

yes i thought i was dreaming
but the east is ablaze
with the promise of the future
those heavenly days
ride the night into the morning sun
ride the night into the morning sun
because the resurrection is gonna come

taken from the album "back to the light" (1992)


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