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love token ark sz

yeah - oh let me tell you now
mamas in love,papas in love
its such a shame they dont love each other - oh no
oh papas in a jam,mamas throwing pans
the games up - its time to run for cover

everybodys crying but they cant stop hoping
everybodys looking for the door thats open
mamas making heat to keep the old fire smoking
papas hanging on to his old love token

you got love but you aint got style
you want your freedom but in a while
youre lost children but you know for sure
you gotta find out who your love is for

oh baby life aint what it used to be
youre telling me - not since youve been hanging round here

mama what you screaming for acting like a demon for
and hey mama quit waving them hands in the air
dont talk to me that way
well i dont see no reason to raise your voice to me
you put fat in the fire you got shit for brains
well you dont give me comfort and a mans gotta get it somewhere
well fuck you
yeah well

mamas hanging on to every word thats spoken
but papas hanging on to his old love token

thats what it is
here it comes babe

oh i dont wanna leave you mama
said i dont wanna leave you papa

long haired women gonna turn you to stone
you cant beat em - because you need em
you gotta live - you gotta love
youre love tokens gotta fit like a glove

listen to the story bout the dream thats broken
you gotta keep a hold of your old love token

oh i dont wanna leave you mama (mama mama mama mama mama)
oh i dont wanna leave you papa (papa papa papa papa papa)
oh i dont wanna leave
no i dont wanna leave
no i dont wanna leave
no i dont wanna leave you alone
but im gonna have to babe

taken from the album "back to the light" (1992)


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