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the paw paw negro blowtorch ark sz
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the paw paw negro blowtorch ark sz

my, my, my, were treating each other just like strangers
i can ignore the significance of these changes
but you cant treat it lightly, and youll have to face the consequences
all my worst fears are grounded
you have to make the choice between the paw paw negro blowtorch and me (no, no, no).
by this time i got to looking for a kind of substitute
i cant tell you who i found, except that it rhymes with dissolute
but my babys so lazy, she is almost unable, and its driving me crazy
and her lovings just a fable that we try, with passion, to recall
send for an ambulance or an accident investigator
hes breathing like a furnace
so ill see you later, alligator
hell set the sheets on fire
mmm, quite a burning lover
now hell barbeque your kitten
he is just another learner lover
you have to make the choice between the paw paw negro blowtorch and me.


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